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Students of Vytautas Magnus University have a special invitation to participate. Participation is open to students and academic staff of other higher education institutions.

The first of the btc 3 semestro rezultatas hackathons will take place at the Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius University on September 30 — October 1, The second hackathon is organized at Reutlingen University Germany on November The hackathon challenge The grand challenge of the Hackathon is to develop use cases for very-high-resolution display wall. One of the challenges related to big data analysis and visualization is the need to visualize data in meaningful and readable way.

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To date, most workstations use 1 or two displays with the total resolution of 4K or 8K. High-resolution displays which are available on the market are bulky and pricy and for those reasons have not achieved wide industrial adoption.

btc 3 semestro rezultatas

Participants of the Kaunas hackathon will have access to high-resolution display architecture with a resolution of 16,5K x pixels. This prototype technology allows scalability the system was tested with a resolution of 52Kis easy to implement, and has a great potential for big data visualization applications due to low cost, simple setup, and the already mentioned scalability.

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  • Kur gauti vieną bitcoiną, Bitcoin kaina realiu laiku | Kreditai INFO
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The prototype technology has been developed by Prof. Students are invited to invent use cases for high resolution visualization.

btc 3 semestro rezultatas

Ideas can be sought in the university and company presentations at the hackathon or elsewhere. University partners and participating companies will lead in with presentations on big data analysis and visualization cases, challenges and solutions, directions for future development, employment trends.

At the afternoon of the following day student and faculty, if any teams will be making presentations on their developed ideas. A jury made of university btc 3 semestro rezultatas company representatives will evaluate the presentations and announce the winning team.

btc 3 semestro rezultatas

The grand prize for the challenge The winning team is receiving the grand prize — the travel and accommodation expenses of the winning team to attend Reutlingen hackathon on November will be paid by the project.

The project is also supported by the following companies: Smulkiau.

btc 3 semestro rezultatas